Real Life Wonder Woman

If you spent this weekend watching Wonder Woman, you’re not alone; the film earned over $200 million worldwide, giving it the biggest-ever opening weekend for a movie directed by a woman.  Wonder Woman has been a revolutionary superhero movie that places women in the centre of this universe and doesn’t just revolve around men.


However, it was not only Patty Jenkins who fought the battles of being the first female superhero movie director in the much-dominated male industry. The Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot recently revealed an impressive new detail as to how she was five months pregnant when some of the scenes of the movie were shot.

The thing that matters most about “Wonder Woman” is the portrayal of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince herself. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is a fully realized character. She’s emotional, confident, yet also insecure. She has hope and she has fear. She can love and lust and she can feel sadness and joy.


As a mother of a boy, I spend a lot of time chasing villains and shooting spider webs out of my fingertips. Every day, my son assigns me a new mission and then briefs me on what to do to catch the bad guys.

I love how my son thinks I just pretend to be a superhero. Sure, my cape may be invisible, and my special powers may not be as cool as Iron Man’s, but my powers do help me survive the day-to-day grind of being a supermom.


If you’re a mom and haven’t realized that you, too, have these special powers. In all honesty moms aren’t just heroic for all their daily tasks and sacrifices they are also heroes at heart. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a superhero as “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; an exceptionally skillful or successful person.”  The second definition certainly seems to be more of an accurate description of the moms in our lives.

  • As any mom can attest, getting multiple kids dressed and ready in the morning is an exceptionally heroic task in and of itself.
  • Moms much like superheroes take matters into their own hands. Superheroes don’t have time to wait around for someone to rescue them — they have to get the job done on their own. When things get serious supermoms know how to take matters into their own hands and save the day.
  • Moms have remarkable immune systems. After dealing with all the germs our kids bring home from school, daycare, and that one time they licked the floor at a grocery store, we have developed pretty iron-clad immune systems. Moms always the last one to get any sickness. Our superpower is also apparently making sure that everyone is healthy before we succumb to any illness.
  • Moms will always fight to do what is best for their children. From fighting to make sure our children have the best educations to fighting for allergy awareness, moms know when it’s important to take a stand.
  • Whether we are flying across the playground to rescue our son with a scraped knee or flying to the side of the crib when the baby is up at 2 a.m. with an ear infection, you can pretty much hear our capes flapping in the wind night or day.
  • The transformation that a supermom can go through with only five minutes, two hours of sleep, and a vast amount of dry-shampoo in the morning is incredible.
  • We have ninja-like reflexes. How many times have you saved a cup from spilling milk all over the couch, dove to cradle your toddler’s head before it met the hard floor, and saved their toys from being flushed down the toilet?
  • No one can multi-task like a mom! They can listen to a conference call, nurse a baby, cook dinner, fold laundry and do squats all at the same time.
  • Our glares can stop army’s dead in their tracks. When mom’s eyes start to squint, and are coupled with pursed lips, they know what’s up. It’s time to run.
  • We have magic witch doctor lips. It’s amazing how a skinned knee suddenly doesn’t hurt anymore once mommy’s lips touch it. Our sweet kisses truly do heal all boo-boos.


Children will test their mother’s patience pretty much as soon as they’re out of the womb with sleepless nights, tantrums and endless questions. Parenting takes a huge toll on every mom; bags under the eyes, throat hoarse from arguing, and an army of grey hairs. But despite it all, moms are their kiddo’s biggest fans.

The strength of her warm hugs can only be described as superhuman. Whether you want to admit it or not, mom is always right. She delivers truth and justice like it’s her job.

As any child knows, moms can do anything. It’s in the job description. They’re just as comfortable playing catch with their sons as they are dressing up for high tea with their daughters.

We know that being a mom only makes us stronger. At the end of the day, we are all pretty super.

Bow down in wonder to a mom who truly embodies Diana’s warrior spirit, no matter what the challenge.

In what ways is your mom, or the other moms you know, a real-life wonder woman? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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