Meet The Team!


Chang Menon – Founder

Chang got the idea of Yocura when pursuing his Master’s degree from the University of North Texas. He was looking for someone trustworthy and reliable to take care of his younger brother, while taking classes. While this is Chang’s first tech startup, he has been involved with two other companies from their infancy. When not thinking about Yocura, Chang is busy keeping grades up in school and trying to get off his Netflix addiction!


Konark Ogra – Founder

Prior to helping create Yocura, Konark worked in the capacity of Team-lead for a consulting team in Schlumberger, an oil field service company. Konark is immensely passionate about connecting people for all needs. He also believes that technology will touch many lives, create new avenues of learning, and unite our society.


Emily Heidt – Marketing

Emily earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing and B2B Professional Selling from the University of North Texas. She has a background in photography, videography and content creation. Emily has specialized experience in digital marketing for luxury brands and celebrities. Her passion is pure and simple: “Change the world, one act of kindness at a time”.


Matthew Glenn – Operations

While completing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration at the University of North Texas, Matt ran into Chang and learned about the vision of Yocura. Matt has a medical background as a Radiologic Technologist, which provided experience in management and high quality service, but most importantly, allowed him to tap into his passion of helping others. In his free time, Matt enjoys being outside, spending time with family, and running with his dog, Flo.  

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